New Civil Liberties Alliance

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YouTube deletes NCLA video discussing lawsuit against government-tech censorship: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty tweeted July 28, “Our lawyers [for] the Missouri v Biden censorship case recently gave a Lunch and Law talk about the case at @NCLAlegal. @YouTube just censored/removed the video of the event. No joke.” The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) then quote tweeted Kheriaty’s message with a promise that the video would go up on Rumble and a screenshot of YouTube’s email. The latter YouTube message said, “Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our medical misinformation policy. We’ve removed the following content from YouTube: What Missouri v. Biden Means for Free Speech.” The email added that the specific violation was “claims about COVID-19 vaccinations” that supposedly contradicted “expert consensus.” The video so ironically censored by YouTube is now available on Rumble.