Michael Shellenberger

Fact Check

Facebook censors "Accurate Story on Covid Vaccine mRNA in Breast Milk": Journalist Michael Shellenberger took to Facebook to post an article that Alex Gutentag had published on Shellenberger's Substack called Public. The article, which cited a study in the medical journal The Lancet, was titled "Covid Vaccine mRNA In Breast Milk Shows CDC Lied About Safety." Approximately two weeks after Shellenberger posted it on his Facebook page, he noted that Facebook had placed a fact-check label on the article, "and limited the visibility of" it. The label claims that the article is "Missing context" and "could mislead people." The label linked to an article by Health Feedback that claimed "all data so far indicate that the vaccine mRNA has little to no effect on breastfed babies," and that "the data made available in 2023 about the presence of vaccine mRNA is breast milk aren’t likely to fragilize the body of evidence already available showing that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for pregnant or lactating women." The point of the Public article, however, was that CDC at the time had argued that the mRNA would not travel out of the arm, and that "it is even less likely that" it would "transfer into milk," thus approving its use in pregnant and lactating women. Shellenberger made a further point that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had stated in Jun. 2023 that it was "unfortunate" that "in retrospect," much of what Facebook and Instagram censored regarding COVID-19 "ended up being more debatable or true." This seeming change of policy did not prevent Facebook from censoring the latest article on breast milk.