Media Research Center

Fact Check

Instagram flagged a short video posted by the Media Research Center with a fact check: The MRC posted a tweet by independent journalist Savanah Hernadez on Instagram. The post shows a video of President Biden meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog as Biden mumbles his words and looks apparently toward the floor instead of directly at Herzog. Hernandez captioned her tweet with the words "No big deal guys, just our President on low power mode." MRC added in its Instagram caption, "Maybe that cocaine wasn't Hunters?" Instagram slapped a fact-check label on the post that claimed it was "Missing Context" and that "Independent fact-checkers say information in this post is missing context and could mislead people." But the so-called "missing context" that Instagram fact-checker Lead Stories added was that Biden did not fall asleep in the meeting, a claim that neither Hernandez nor MRC made in either of the posts.