Matt Salmon

Deleted Content

YouTube removes excerpts Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Matt Salmon's "War Room" interview discussing taxes and immigration: YouTube has removed three videos of excerpts of an interview between Arizona gubernatorial candidate Matt Salmon and podcaster Steve Bannon on the "War Room" podcast. Salmon's excerpts addressed three separate issues: "Matt Salmon On His Plan To Restart Construction Of The U.S.-Mexico Border Wall;" "Matt Salmon On His Plan To Strengthen Arizona’s Trespass Laws In Order To Incarcerate Illegal Immigrants;" and "Matt Salmon On His Plan To Attract Job Creators To Arizona By Eliminating Our State’s Income Tax." YouTube claimed that each of three videos were removed for "violating YouTube's Terms of Service."  In a statement provided by Republican Briefs, Salmon slammed the censorship:

"'I stand with millions of Americans who are sick and tired of these Big Tech companies manipulating information and censoring conservatives whose ideas they disagree with. These Silicon Valley giants have proven there is no step they won’t take to gain a greater foothold in the marketplace. I demand that YouTube immediately reinstate our video and take its foot off of the scale in this race. I plan to hold these people accountable and ensure they receive the scrutiny they have earned.'”