Matt Orfalea


YouTube purportedly demonetizes channel of independent writer and video creator over seven year old Starbucks parody it removed from his channel: YouTube reportedly removed a video and demonetized the channel of independent writer and video creator Matt Orfalea. "YouTube has just demonetized my entire channel for 'violent criminal organization'!!! WTF," tweeted Orfalea, who posted screenshots of the notice of removal he received from the platform for a very innocuous Starbucks parody video he uploaded seven years ago. "I’m obviously making fun of materialism, corporations, and narcissists. NOT organizing a violent criminal organization!!!!!! JFC!!!!!!," he added in another. YouTube's "violent criminal organizations policy" states that any content glorifying violent criminal organizations, or inciting violent acts against individuals or a defined group of people, is prohibited. The platform stated in its purported notice to Orfalea that it does review such content however, and some "limited exceptions" to this rule are made for content with "sufficient and appropriate context."