Liz Wheeler

Fact Check

Instagram fact checks podcaster Liz Wheeler when she debunked studies that found face masks to be effective: Podcaster and former OAN host, Liz Wheeler debunked several flawed studies put forth by leftists, including Instagram fact-checker Health Feedback which fact-checked the clip she posted of her podcast. Health Feedback, which recycled an old fact-check when it flagged her post, cited studies that she debunked in the fact-checked video. The fact-checker pointed to a Lancet study that allegedly showed the effectiveness of mask-wearing, but Wheeler claimed the study only tested N-95 masks and only in a hospital setting (not a community setting). The fact-checker cited another study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America which Wheeler said "did not account for the natural decrease [in COVID-19 infection] and as a result 40 scientists called for this study to be withdrawn." Fact-checked posts lose exposure on Facebook feeds as they are negatively affected by the platform's algorithm. According to Facebook, users fail to click through a fact-check interstitial to see the post 95% of the time. Instagram, owned by Facebook, likely sees a similar effect.