Live Action

Permanent Ban

Live Action Founder Lila Rose Said TikTok banned Live Action after censoring one of its videos: Live Action founder and President Lila Rose tweeted that “TikTok has just BANNED & permanently removed Live Action from the platform.” Live Action said that TikTok deleted a video showing a woman deciding whether to "be pro-abortion" or to "be pro-life and help save babies." The woman in the video chooses to be pro-life. The platform removed the video and later permanently banned the account "due to multiple Community Guidelines violations," as indicated by screenshots. Rose later tweeted an update that included a screenshot of an email TikTok sent to the group. Screenshots further indicate that the platform claimed the account was "inaccurately removed due to human error." The platform restored the account the day after it permanently banned Live Action. "TikTok allows pro-abortion accounts and videos to remain on the platform, videos like this that simulate brutal harm to preborn or born infants," Live Action Director of External Affairs, Alison Howard Centofante said in a statement. "This is blatant viewpoint discrimination and an egregious attempt to silence pro-life voices."