Grabien Media

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Permanent Ban

Twitter permanently bans Grabien Media: Tom Elliot, owner of Grabien Media, tweeted, “UPDATE! Twitter has once again suspended my company's account, @GrabienMedia. As before, we received no notice, nor any explanation about our ostensible violation. I've appealed, but suspect it will once again require back channels to resolve.” According to the screenshot Elliott posted, Twitter said, “Your account is suspended. After careful review, we determined your account broke the Twitter Rules. Your account is permanently in read-only mode, which means you can’t Tweet, Retweet, or Like content. You won’t be able to create new accounts. If you think we got this wrong, you can submit an appeal.” In another tweet, Elliott said, “As expected, my appeal was rejected and @Twitter says this is a permanent suspension — even as they've yet to cite a single infraction. This is absurd.” Elliot posted another screenshot, containing Twitter’s response to his appeal. Twitter stated, “This decision will not be reversed.” Twitter Rules are meant to prevent a range of inappropriate content from “violent speech,” “gory,” or “adult content,” and “non-consensual nudity” to “platform manipulation and spam.” Twitter gave Elliott no explanation and did not say whether any particular content was problematic. Twitter then restored Grabien Media without notifying Elliot. At the time of publishing, Grabien Media remains on Twitter, but Twitter has still not provided any reason for the suspension.

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