Eva Vlaardingerbroek

Permanent Ban

Twitter permanently suspends Eva Vlaardingerbroek: Lawyer and commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek found her Twitter account permanently suspended without warning. According to purported screenshots on Vlaardingerbroek’s Substack, the Twitter app gave her a message that said, “After careful review, we determined your account broke the Twitter Rules.” Twitter provided no further explanation and cited no specific content that violated its policies. Vlaardingerbroek said on her Substack that she appealed the decision. With the help of a number of other prominent figures, the hashtag, #ReinstateEva spread through the internet, and, four hours later, Vlaardingerbroek regained access to her account. However, Vlaardingerbroek added, “I still have no official explanation for what happened. I never received an official answer to my appeal or any other notification from Twitter for that matter. And that’s what’s bugging me, because that doesn’t indicate that this was ‘just an accident’.” MRC's Free Speech America reached out to Vlaardingerbroek and Twitter respectively, but at the time of writing, neither one had responded.