Lake Forest High School District 115

Deleted Content

YouTube reportedly deletes — then quickly reinstates — video of Illinois school board meeting which included requests from parents that mask wearing be optional for their children: Yet again YouTube has deleted another video of a school board meeting because it contained comments from parents and the public challenging the left's coronavirus narrative, according to The Washington Free Beacon and purported screenshots posted to Twitter by unverified accounts. A video uploaded by the Lake Forest School District (LFSD) of a recent board meeting, which included "requests from parents to make masks optional," according to The Free Beacon, was deleted from YouTube for violating unspecified community guidelines. YouTube's policy prohibits any content contradicting the World Health Organization, or local health official's guidance around COVID-19. The Free Beacon reported that LFSD's chief communications officer Melissa Oakley said that the school filed an appeal with YouTube but never heard back. However, after "further review," YouTube reinstated the video less than 12-hours after it had taken it down, according to The Free Beacon. "Upon further review, we're reinstating the Lake Forest School District's video," a YouTube spokesperson reportedly told The Free Beacon. "We have policies in place to allow content that might otherwise violate our policies as long as it includes educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic content."