Kristan Hawkins

Community Notes

X community adds a context note to pro-life post:  President of Students for Life Kristan Hawkins posted on her X account after Ohio voted to legalize recreational marijuana and enshrine the right to an abortion into the Ohio constitution, "So in Ohio you can now kill a baby up until the moment of birth for any reason and then smoke weed to try to erase your pain. Horrific." X added a label to the post that read "Readers added context they thought people might want to know." The added context read, "Ohio's issue 1 does not permit abortion 'up until the moment of birth.' It protects the right to abortion until fetal viability, generally at 22-24 weeks of gestation, well before birth." The Note, which has since been removed, cited an article about the issue written by the Democrats in the Ohio Senate, though it is unclear which article specifically was referenced. The Republicans in the Ohio Senate responded to the Democrat position, debunking their argument.


The label is part of X’s Community Notes system. X users are able to sign up as contributors to add context to posts. X owner Elon Musk recently shared that any post with a Community Note added to it will be demonetized. The Community Notes account on X also posted to explain that notices will now be pushed to users that previously engaged with a post about any Community Notes added to it after the engagement.