John Stossel

Fact Check

Video about Climate Change from John Stossel fact-checked for being 'partially false': Facebook fact-checker Climate Feedback flagged a video from journalist John Stossel about climate change as "partially false" for purportedly omitting "contextual information rather than ‘facts’ being ‘wrong'.” That was the reasoning provided to Stossel by San Jose State University Assistant Professor Patrick Brown, who was consulted in Climate Feedback's fact-check. Stossel's video included experts discussing whether or not climate change is actually a crisis. "Oh. Climate Feedback’s 'fact-check' wasn’t about actual facts. 'It’s a tonal thing,' Brown told me," said a blog post about the incident on Stossel's website. "Facebook censors me because climate alarmists don’t like my 'tone.' I appealed, asking Facebook to remove the erroneous 'fact-check.' No one has responded."