John Daniel Davidson

Deleted Content

Twitter removed The Federalist's John Daniel Davidson's tweet for calling Rachel Levine a man: John Daniel Davidson, Senior Editor of The Federalist, criticized Big Tech and called transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine a man. According to a screenshot tweeted by Mollie Hemingway, Editor-in-Chief of The Federalist, Davidson tweeted:  "Big Tech will eventually silence everyone who dissents from their woke ideology. They're not trying to hide it anymore. If you say that Rachel Levine is a man, they will come after you. Doesn't matter that Levine is in fact a man. Truth is no defense." The screenshot shows that Twitter removed the tweet for "violating one of [its] rules." Similar tweets were removed for violating Twitter's rules against "hateful conduct." Davidson must delete the tweet in order to regain access to his account.