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Twitter censors Babylon Bee founder for tweeting image of Babylon Bee tweet that it got censored over: Adam Ford, founder of The Babylon Bee and current head of sister site Not The Bee, was censored by Twitter for a tweet about Rachel Levine. Several days prior, The Bee was censored for sharing its story, headlined "The Babylon Bee's Man Of The Year Is Rachel Levine." At the time, Ford tweeted about this multiple times. He tweeted an image of the Babylon Bee tweet that was censored, saying "This tweet got @TheBabylonBee banned from Twitter." He also tweeted a link to the story. He retweeted The Blaze commentator Jessica O'Donnell who tweeted an image of the Bee story, saying "this tweet got @TheBabylonBee suspended. I guess twitter doesn’t want us sharing it. so definitely don’t share it." These tweets were all available on Ford's Twitter feed as of March 24. He also tweeted another image of The Bee story, with comments that said, "Don't retweet this or you'll get suspended from Twitter," similar to what O'Donnell had said. According to a screenshot, Twitter found this tweet to violate its "rules against hateful conduct," and locked Ford's account until he deleted the tweet. It is unclear why this tweet in particular was targeted while others were not. While the screenshot only shows the text that Ford included with the image, Ford confirmed for CensorTrack that he included an image of The Babylon Bee's story with the tweet. Twitter also censored Kyle Mann, the editor-in-chief of The Babylon Bee, for a related tweet. 

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