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YouTube suspends The Hill for reporting comments said by former President Trump: Robby Soave, a senior editor for Reason and co-host of The Hill's morning show "Rising," reported that YouTube suspended The Hill's channel for videos containing statements made by former President Trump about election integrity. YouTube cited two videos as cause for the suspension, according to Soave. "The first video in question, which was not aired as part of Rising, was raw footage of Trump's speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 26, during which he made false claims about the election," he wrote in an article published by Reason. "The second video contained a clip of Fox News host Laura Ingraham interviewing Trump, who claimed that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is only happening because of a rigged election." A YouTube spokesperson confirmed for MRC's CensorTrack that it suspended the accounts due to its election integrity policies. "We removed content from and issued a strike to this channel for violating our election integrity policy, and as a result, this channel is suspended from publishing new videos or live streams for seven days," said the spokesperson. "We do allow for content with sufficient educational, documentary, scientific or artistic context, which the removed content did not contain" [Emphasis added]. It's unclear whether the channel received a strike for the violative content, but channels are typically suspended for one week after receiving a first strike. The platform's three-strikes system allows for a warning and two strikes within a 90 day period before a third strike would remove a channel from the platform entirely.