The Heartland Institute


YouTube suspended The Heartland Institute after removing a video it had allegedly allowed for 2 years: The Heartland Insitute tweeted that YouTube removed one of its videos and suspended its account for so called misinformation. "YouTube said the strike was for 'election misinformation' we apparently uttered during a live-stream of our @InTheTankPod on May 6, 2021 -- 20 MOTNHS AGO. Again, we were informed of this literally minutes before we were to go live and after we heavily promoted the YT stream," the Heartland Insitute tweeted. YouTube gave the channel a strike on the channel, suspending The Heartland Institute from uploading, posting or live streaming for one week according to a screenshot the organization included in a blog post. The platform's three-strikes system allows for a warning and two strike violations within a 90 day period before a third strike would remove a channel from the platform entirely. YouTube has not yet provided comment.

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