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Twitter adds a fact check label to UK's GB News tweet of a segment against vaccinating children for COVID-19: GB News, a UK TV news company, tweeted a segment from one of its shows featuring commentator Neil Oliver giving his opinion about vaccinating children under 18 years old for COVID-19. The tweet pulled out this quote: "'Are the adults of this country truly supporting the notion of standing behind a wall of safety built of our children and infants?' Neil Oliver says the Government should 'leave our kids alone.'" Twitter applied a warning label below the tweet reading: "This Tweet is misleading. Learn why health officials recommend a vaccine for most people." The label linked to a Twitter-curated page featuring articles and tweets selected by Twitter to enforce this narrative. As Ezra Levant, publisher of Canadian conservative media outlet Rebel News tweeted when he shared a screenshot showing this fact check label, "Twitter's censors have declared this UK video misleading. What exactly is misleading about it? They can't say, but they don't have to explain. @GBNEWS is already regulated by the UK's @Ofcom but @TwitterSafety's California oligarchs like to interfere in foreign political debates." Twitter has since removed the fact check label from this tweet.

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