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Google demonetizes The Gateway Pundit: Google reportedly sent The Gateway Pundit's legal team a message on Aug. 26, stating it would "be disabling ad serving" for the conservative digital news site starting Sept. 1. "We're emailing you to let you know that we've repeatedly found content on one of your sites that violates our Google Publisher policies," the Big Tech behemoth said in an email directed to The Gateway Pundit's legal team. "As a result we'll be disabling ad serving on the site in 4 business days, on 09/012021." Google's email included two "violation explanation[s]" that described what The Gateway Pundit's violations likely were: "Dangerous or derogatory content" and "Misrepresentative content - Unreliable and harmful claims." In the email Google also indicated that once The Gateway Pundit "modified" their site to be in compliance with its policies the conservative news site can request a review in order to regain its monetization properties.