Fox News

Sensitive Filter

Segment from Fox's 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' placed behind sensitive interstitial on YouTube: A segment from Fox News's "Tucker Carlson Tonight" about a suburb of Atlanta that is seeking to become independent from the city due to its skyrocketing crime rate and Atlanta official's poor public safety response was deemed "inappropriate or offensive to some audiences" by YouTube. "CNN hates the idea of Buckhead trying to leave the city of Atlanta," reads the headline of an editorial from Tucker Carlson on "For decades, various mayors of Atlanta have attacked Buckhead, as if there’s something offensive or immoral about maintaining a clean and orderly neighborhood," wrote Carlson. YouTube placed a sensitive content interstitial, or filter, over Fox News's upload of Carlson's segment about Buckhead that aired earlier in the week. Users who have their settings arranged to block sensitive content, such as children who have parental controls on their devices, cannot see videos labeled sensitive content by YouTube, while others must verify their age and click through several interstitials to finally view them. A Facebook executive once indicated "that around 95 percent of Facebook users don’t click-through the warning labels to view posts that are labeled for misinformation," according to ENGADGET, which lends to the possibility that views of a video placed behind a sensitive content interstitial get suppressed.