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Fact Check

Facebook "fact-checks" Federalist article without addressing its point: The Federalist posted one of its articles to Facebook, titled "Texas's Blackouts Are The Result Of Unreliable 'Green' Energy." Facebook initially placed a False Information "fact-check" over the story that led to a Lead Stories article. The Lead Stories article concluded: "In sum, blackouts are real, but renewable energy sources are not the primary cause." However, the point of the Federalist article was not that renewable energy sources caused the Texas blackouts. Rather it concluded that such energy sources are unreliable and impractical, but that the Texas blackouts were due to "the lavish suite of government incentives" those unreliable energy sources received, and that they "have repeatedly failed to keep up with Texas's electricity demand." The Lead Stories "fact-check" article did not address this issue at all. Facebook has since changed the rating to "Missing Context," and added a Politifact piece titled "Natural gas, not wind turbines, main driver of Texas power shortage" for context. This is not a resolution to this incident.