Dr. Drew Pinsky


YouTube deplatforms Dr. Drew for a week, threatens to kick him from platform permanently: "Dr. Drew" Pinsky, the well known medical professional and television personality, joined Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report to discuss what he called the week long deplatforming of his YouTube channel. "I was in some sort of one week deplatforming," said Dr. Drew, "I was actually — and threatening with permanent deplatforming for absolutely reasons I cannot determine." Dr. Drew added that YouTube had sent him "a list of policies that are not to be violated," but said they were irrelevant to anything he was discussing in the video. "The only thing that came close that I could imagine is I had COVID and I was discussing the status — as measured — of my immunity, and somehow discussing immunity is touchy for [YouTube]." Dr. Drew also guessed his discussion during the video with another medical doctor about "the controversies of the kinds of issues that can — the kinds of treatments can be used to deal with cytokine activation, deal with active viral illness, deal with brain inflammation, things like fluvoxamine," could've been a reason for his channel's week long suspension. "[T]hat's all we were talking about," remarked Dr. Drew, "then we get a notification that we're deplatformed — we're in the doghouse for a week and I still don't know why."