Dr. Ben & Candy Carson

Fact Check

Facebook censors Dr. Ben and Candy Carson after they posted a screenshot of Lila Rose reporting on Colorado's radical abortion law: Dr. Ben and Candy Carson posted a screenshot of one of Lila Rose's tweets on their joint Facebook account.  The tweet read "BREAKING: Colorado Governor Jared Polis has just signed into law a bill legalizing abortions through all nine months, up until the moment of birth." The Carsons captioned the tweet, saying "This is demonic. Where are we as a nation when we find this acceptable? In times like these, we must band together and take a stand for LIFE. I pray for the innocent lives lost, the unborn, and for the future of our country." Facebook used fact-checks from PolitiFact and Lead Stories to flag the post as "missing context." Lead Stories argued that Rose's tweet implies that the Colorado law is a new law. Colorado previously had no laws restricting abortion at any gestational age, so Lead Stories argued that the law merely codified the state's existing policy on abortion. A second fact-checker, PolitiFact, clarified that "The Reproductive Health Equity Act that [Colorado Governor] Polis signed into law this week affirms an individual’s right to contraceptives and an abortion. It says that a government entity may not 'deny, restrict, interfere with or discriminate against an individual’s fundamental right to use or refuse contraception or to continue a pregnancy and give birth or to have an abortion.'" Fact-checked posts lose exposure on Facebook feeds as they are negatively affected by the platform's algorithm. According to Facebook, users fail to click through a fact-check interstitial to see the post 95% of the time