Donald J. Trump


Fact-checkers flag statement released by former President Donald Trump: A June 12th statement released by former President Donald Trump has been flagged by fact-checkers on Facebook for purportedly "missing context." The statement covered a variety of issues that the left told former President Trump he was wrong about, but that Trump believes he has been vindicated on. The statement covered topics such as whether COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan, China, the efficacy hydroxychloroquine and lockdowns, Critical Race Theory, whether or not there were supposed Russian bounties placed on the heads of American soldiers, and others. Most of the assertions made by Trump in his statement were challenged by Facebook fact-checker PolitiFact, which said the statement was misleading for missing context. Facebook VP of Integrity Guy Rosen noted in a call last year with reporters "that around 95 percent of Facebook users don’t click-through the warning labels to view posts that are labeled for misinformation," according to ENGADGET.