Dark Journalist

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YouTube censors Dark Journalist: Dark Journalist, an independent investigative reporter, tweeted, “So YT randomly decided to ban my interview with RFK Jr. from 2022 (anything to do with him now running for President?) Here is a clip where he discusses the real story of his father Senator Robert F. Kennedy's Assassination. Expect to see him on the show again shortly...! #RFK #Censorship.” Dark Journalist posted the video clip but not the link to the video on Twitter. However, a Facebook post Dark Journalist made on May 30, 2020 contains the video link. Clicking on the video shows a YouTube error message that says, “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Learn more,” and includes a link to YouTube’s policies. YouTube never specified an exact reason why Dark Journalist’s video ran afoul of its guidelines. At the time of writing, the video remains unavailable on YouTube and is available only on Rumble.