Crowder Bits

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YouTube removes multiple videos from popular podcast host: Podcast host Steven Crowder posted screenshots on TruthSocial May 16 showing that YouTube had apparently removed five videos of his show Louder With Crowder. “I don’t give a sh[*]t that we’re ONE STRIKE AWAY from being BANNED PERMANENTLY from the platform. We will not pacify, we will not kowtow, and we will not stop. Not now. Not ever,” Crowder posted. Four of the videos were posted to his Crowder Bits channel which posts short clips of the show including one video titled "What Alex Jones thinks of Twitters New CEO May Shock You!" The screenshots of the notification YouTube sent Crowder claim that his content “violates our Community Guidelines,” specifically for “posting content previously removed for violating our Terms of Service; or posting content from creators who are currently restricted or have been terminated.” Alex Jones was previously banned from YouTube in 2018.