Cranberry Sauce and Marijuana Meme

Fact Check

Instagram fact-check's satirical thanksgiving meme: Instagram placed a fact-check interstitial over a satirical PSA post discouraging marijuana usage. The meme read: "This Thanksgiving remember the cranberry sauce but forget the Marijuana." The meme goes on to tell an anecdote. "Terry was convinced to take a 'toke' of a joint with his friend 'just to relax.' Immediately after, Terry killed his friend who had given him the marijuana in a murderous craze. Not so safe, is it? Marijuana. Not Even Once," it read. Instagram fact-checker, USA Today flagged the satirical PSA because it had the Ad Council logo located in the bottom left-hand corner of the graphic and it was not a real Ad Council produced PSA. The fact-check admits that the graphic is obviously satire because the label next to the fact check reads: “If you or someone you know is addicted to marijuana, call Domino’s at 215-712-1000, rent a tape and enjoy!” According to Instagram, users fail to click through a fact-check interstitial to see the post 95% of the time.

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