Colin Wright


PayPal banned Quillette managing editor Colin Wright without explanation and is holding his funds for 180 days: PayPal banned Colin Wright, an evolutionary biologist and managing editor for Quillette, according to screenshots that Wright tweeted. The screenshots show the payment platform's notice to Wright which said: "we decided to permanently limit your account as there was a change in your business model or your business model was considered risky." Wright cannot remove his credit card information from his account nor can he start a new account using the same card. He also can't send or receive money and the platform will hold any existing funds for 180 days.  PayPal even claimed it will charge a "High Volume Dispute fee based on [Wright's] activity for all existing and future cases [he] receives," according to the purported screenshots. Wright said in his tweet that he did not know the reason or the permanent suspension. "When I asked why, they said I needed an attorney to submit a subpoena to find out," he said. Users who attempt to donate to Wright through his PayPal account find a notice that reads: "[t]his organization is currently ineligible to receive donations."