Ian Miles Cheong


PayPal reportedly permanently bans journalist Ian Miles Cheong: Journalist Ian Miles Cheong, who writes for The Post Millennialreported on Twitter that PayPal had permanently banned his account. He claimed that, when speaking to a supervisor about the removal, the person "was extremely rude and implied that it had everything to do with [his] politics." In a glaring example of the lack of transparency frequently exhibited by Big Tech platforms in silencing conservative voices, Cheong went on to say that the supervisor "gave [him] a lecture on how they (PayPal) can't reveal which rule [he] broke and they (PayPal) mentioned how [he] was a journalist and how it's the same as not revealing sources. When [he] asked if it was about [his] politics, they (PayPal) implied that it was and how they (PayPal) 'remain neutral' on such things." It therefore remains unclear why PayPal took such action, and which rule was violated. After being accused of lying about being banned by PayPal, Cheong later tweeted a screenshot of the notice from PayPal, listing his "Stillgray" name at the top, which was headlined "You can no longer use PayPal," and indicated that PayPal had determined that he was "in violation of PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy."