The Christian Post

Locked Account

Twitter deletes and locks the account of The Christian Post for reporting on Rachel Levine's "Woman of the Year" title: The Christian Post (CP) reported that it posted an article on Twitter with the caption "USA Today names Rachel Levine, a man, among its 'Women of the Year,'" according to a screenshot included in The Christian Post report. The outlet reported that "In an alert emailed to CP on Sunday, the social media giant notified the Christian news publication that the tweet violated its policy against what it deems as 'hateful conduct' by stating a biological fact and has 'temporarily limited some' features of the account, including the ability to post new articles." It later further explained "Other limitations include being unable to like, follow or retweet posts. Twitter also told CP that the restrictions could be lifted 12 hours after deleting the tweet." Twitter also allegedly flagged the content for complaints violating French and German internet laws, although the German claim was "found that it is not subject to removal under the Twitter Rules … or German law.” The Christian Post appealed on March 21 but its Twitter account is still restricted two days later.