Dr. Joel Rudman

X / Twitter
Locked Account

X (formerly Twitter) censors doctor for sharing his own experience having a blood clot that he believes was from his COVID-19 vaccine: Dr. Joel Rudman, a "doctor and state representative" in Florida, shared a photo of a blood clot that had been removed from his leg on his X account. He commented, "This is what came out of my left leg. I have no medical problems, on no meds, I kayak, mountain bike, and play tennis every weekend, often all in the same day. These clot shots need to be taken off the market. Thank God I wasn't the latest one who #DiedSuddenly." X claimed the post violated its rules and locked his account until he deletes the post. He filed an appeal instead of removing the post, but weeks later, he was still locked out of his account. 

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