Catholic World Report


Catholic World Report suspended for tweet calling Biden's pick for HHS Assistant Secretary 'a biological man identifying as a transgender woman': Catholic World Report (CWR) is a news publication that covers issues related to the Catholic Church. CWR's Twitter account was locked and suspended from tweeting, retweeting or "liking" new content after it violated Facebook's Hateful Conduct policies. The violation reportedly came as the result of a tweet from CWR that said among other things that President Joe Biden's pick for HHS Assistant Secretary was "a biological man identifying as a transgender woman." CWR reached out to Facebook but was told the decision would stand and could not be reversed. Facebook also told CWR that they could only return to the platform after resolving the violations they had committed. "Twitter is implicitly making CWR admit to hateful or bigoted language, even though such was never the case," Catholic World Report wrote in a blog post response to Twitter's actions. "Not only is such an approach subjective in nature, it is an overtly biased, unfair, and discriminatory approach that both stifles free speech and undermines CWR’s right to report on current events." Several days later Catholic World Report's account was unlocked and returned to full functionality without any explanation from Facebook about its decision to change course. The tweet is also still visible on CWR's Twitter feed.