Candace Owens

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YouTube removed Candace Owens Podcast video discussing the differences between how heterosexuals and homosexuals interact in relationships : During the question and answer part of her podcast Daily Wire Hoset Candace Owen's podcast she read a comment from someone focusing on an interview Candace did with Brandon Tatum about the effect that embracing homosexuality has had on society. She responded to the comment explaining her stance. "What I have actually said to you is that when I am in discussions with my gay friends it's unbelievable to hear how often they talk about sex. It's just the truth," she said. "And then we talked about the reality which is that two men can have sex constantly, every single day and there are no barriers, no natural born barriers that are preventing that. A woman just having a baby, a woman menstruating, these things that prevent a relationship from being centered around sex which are built into natural order and gay men don't have that." She also contrasted the "people walking in dog chains" at gay pride parades with what she imagines a heterosexual pride parde would look like. "If I said let's have a heterosexual pride parade people would probably show up with their families and their kids. No one's going to say let's wear leather and whips and chians and get down on all fours and walk like dogs and call it pup play. You know that's true," she said. YouTube removed the video for allegedly "violating YouTube's policy on hate speech." When MRC Free Speech America reached out to YouTube and the platform claimed "We issued a strike to the Candace Owens Podcast channel for violating our hate speech policy, which prohibits content promoting hatred against protected individuals or groups, including the LGBTQ+ community.