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Fact Check

Instagram censors video of Joe Biden creepily touching and kissing his grandson, calls it "False Information": The Blaze TV posted a video of Joe Biden inappropriately touching the side of his young grandson's head and kissing him in a very questionable manner on its Instagram page, along with the caption "Where was the moment of consent? Did we just not see it, or did Biden just commit a thing?" Instagram cited a Lead Stories fact-check article that claimed the video constituted "False Information," placing an interstitial over the video that required users to click through in order to view it. The Lead Stories article explained that the video was taken in 2015 at the funeral for Beau Biden, Joe Biden's son and the father of the grandson being touched in the video. The fact-check article cited other posts of the video that implied it was a recent event, but this is not applicable to the Blaze TV's post of the video. The fact-check also claimed that "[i]n many families, these are typical and appropriate public gestures of comfort and affection," which is not an objective observation that a fact-check should be based on. Subjective claims are not able to be accurately fact-checked, as they constitute not fact but opinion that can change depending on perspective. According to Facebook, Instagram's sister company, users fail to click through fact-check interstitials 95% of the time

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