Ben Shapiro

Fact Check

Facebook’s fact-checking partners fact-checked a Daily Wire news article about the movie “2000 Mules” because it disagreed with the premise of the movie trailer: The Daily Wire founding editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro posted an article from The Daily Wire with the headline "Dinesh D'Souza's '2000 Mules' Movie, Alleging Voter Fraud, Makes $1 Million On Streaming Sites." The article explained that the movie examined voter fraud in the 2020 election by using geolocation data to track cell phone movement in the vicinity of voting drop boxes. It also described how well the movie did at its showings and quoted both D'Souza and his critics. Facebook fact-checker PolitiFact flagged the straight news article, claiming it was partly false because the trailer for the movie included false content. PolitiFact also attacked D'Souza and True the Vote, the organization that helped him research the film. He repeatedly referred to the "2000 Mules" trailer and not the actual movie or the fact-checked article. The fact-checker also quoted several experts who said that D'Souza and True the Vote's evidence was incredible because geolocation data can be imprecise. But the fact-checker ignored the particular and targeted parameters for how the data was used in an investigation. Fact-checked posts lose exposure on Facebook as they are negatively affected by the platform’s algorithm. According to Facebook, users fail to click through a fact-check interstitial to see the post 95 percent of the time.

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