Ann and Phelim Scoop


YouTube gives "Ann and Phelim Scoop" a strike for 'medical misinformation' on a video that does not discuss COVID-19: Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, founders of the Underreported Society and hosts of the Ann and Phelim Scoop, posted a podcast episode to YouTube about Jussie Smollett and various other current events on YouTube. The platform removed the video on Christmas day, claiming that the video violated its medical misinformation policies. The video mentioned the Omicron variant in the first 30 seconds of the podcast. McAleer sarcastically said "It's great that the pandemic is over and all the lockdowns are finished," in reference to over 19 months of "15 days to slow the spread." McElhinney and McAleer's team sent CensorTrack screenshots of the notice they received from YouTube, which showed that the channel received a first strike. A first strike typically means that the video is removed and the account is suspended for a week. The platform's three-strikes system typically allows for a warning and two strikes within a 90 day period before a third strike would remove a channel from the platform entirely.