Angela Stanton King


Twitter suspends Alveda King's goddaughter, Angela Stanton King, after she posted scathing video criticizing Dr. Phil for attacking her beliefs on his show: Angela Stanton King went on "The Dr. Phil Show" to get help with her relationship with her gender-confused son. Apparently it did not go as she expected, and the majority of the showtime was spent calling Stanton a bad parent because of her beliefs, she said. Rather than discussing the mental health issues associated with her son's problem, according to Stanton, Dr. Phil focused on her right-wing beliefs and the fact that she was a Trump supporter. Stanton responded with a video containing scathing criticism of Dr. Phil and Paramount Pictures for how the show turned out. Twitter indicated to users who had reported Stanton for the video that the platform's "investigation" found that Stanton's video violated their rules against posting violent threats. There has been no indication of how long Stanton will be suspended.