Amala Ekpunobi

Permanent Ban

TikTok permanently bans gen Z PragerU personality after two seven-day suspensions: TikTok permanently banned new PragerU personality, Amala Ekpunobi immediately after two back-to-back "seven-day" suspensions. In an explanation video with Will Witt, Ekpunobi explained the reasons TikTok gave for her suspension. "They cited that there were multiple community guidelines violations on my page. However, if you go through and look at it you'll find that there aren't any." According to Ekpunobi, she had nearly half a million followers, which she claims shows that TikTok is targeting her for her conservative beliefs rather than her content's unpopularity. Ekpunobi appealed the decision and is awaiting a response from the platform. In the meantime, she is fighting her permanent ban with a backup account where she plans to produce new content.