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Twitter censors author and journalist Alex Berenson's tweet stating facts about the COVID virus granting immunity: Former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson has been heavily covering the COVID-19 policy responses as an independent journalist, via his social media accounts and now his Substack newsletter. He recently tweeted about the virus conferring immunity, saying "You know what immunizes you against #SARS_CoV_2? Quickly, efficiently, and with low risk to healthy non-elderly people? Getting #SARS_CoV_2." It is a known fact that having the virus confers immunity, so this statement should not be controversial. However, Twitter slapped the tweet with its most restrictive warning label. The label read: "This Tweet may be misleading. Get the latest on preventative measures and COVID-19." The label linked to a Twitter Help Center page titled "COVID-19 misleading information policy." This page provides Twitter's in-depth policy, but no further information about the virus. Along with the warning label, Berenson's tweet was restricted from being commented on or liked. While retweets were also not allowed, quote tweets were, but only after the user clicked through yet another warning label reiterating the same information and with the same link, and instead chose the much smaller and less prominent "Quote Tweet" link below the warning in the pop-up. On the same day of this tweet, Berenson's Twitter account was also restricted for 12 hours. It is unclear if these two incidents are related.

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