Big Tech’s treatment of Joe Biden during the 2020 campaign and after the election couldn’t be any more different from its hostile treatment of former President Donald Trump. 

For starters, employees from the companies donated more than $10 million to the Biden campaign, compared to less than half a million to Trump’s. The social media companies went all in for Biden and worked to prevent Trump’s reelection by suppressing negative information about then-former vice president, while also changing policies to limit content from Trump and his supporters. Among the many ways they tried to suppress Trump support: platforms flagged criticism of mail-in voting, froze or banned political ads and censored hashtags.

Facebook and Twitter both suppressed a bombshell New York Post report indicating that Biden’s son Hunter had introduced him to Ukrainian businessmen while he was vice president. In addition to blocking the story, Twitter locked the Post’s account for more than two weeks. A poll conducted for the Media Research Center indicated if all Biden voters had known about this story, enough would have changed their votes to swing the election to Trump. And it wasn’t even the only negative Biden story Big Tech censored.

  • Biden’s transition team had 16 current or former Silicon Valley employees as of Nov. 11, 2020. The list included a former Facebook attorney, Twitter’s former public policy director and people from Amazon, Uber, LinkedIn, AirBnB, DropBox and more.
  • When Biden takes over the @POTUS Twitter account, he will be starting from scratch. Twitter decided to change the way it transitions presidential, First Lady, White House and chief of staff accounts to reset them rather than transitioning with all existing followers. The Biden team “pushed back,” but was rebuffed.
  • Following the election, The Financial Times reported “Facebook plans charm offensive for Joe Biden” by promoting the COVID-19 vaccine and the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Twitter censored, suppressed or limited Trump or his campaign at least 583 times. But it never did any of those things to Biden or his campaign. By labeling many of those Trump tweets “disputed,” Twitter also de-amplified them on the platform, preventing many people from seeing them.
  • Fearing a Biden loss on election night, some Twitter employees had a meltdown.
  • An overwhelming majority of donations from Big Tech went to Democrats, including Biden in 2020. Affiliates of Alphabet, Inc., Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Apple donated $10,243,589 to the Biden campaign during the 2020 presidential race, according to OpenSecrets. Trump received only $427,047 from the aforementioned Big Tech companies.
  • The Media Research Center cited eight major ways Big Tech tried to fix the election for Biden. The list included political donations and ad policy changes, as well as, blocking “deceptive” or “manipulated” edits of Biden, but allowing them of Trump. Big Tech also allowed Chinese propaganda to spread and far-left groups to coordinate and mobilize against conservative politicians.
  • Once Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) became Biden’s running-mate, Facebook’s mostly left-wing fact-checkers worked overtime to defend her 60 times in 10 days, compared to just three that called her out. Facebook also censored a meme making fun of Harris and referring to an alleged extramarital affair.
  • More than 260 conservative Facebook or Twitter users were censored for posts about Biden (in the months leading up to the Democratic National Convention). Posting an innocent meme showing light coming from Biden’s eyes meant an immediate suspension on Twitter for anywhere between 12 hours and two months. Posts that claimed Biden was “creepy,” or sharing actual photos of him with children were also removed.