Young America's Foundation

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TikTok removed Young America's Foundation video showing leftist student yelling at YAF interviewer: Young America's Foundation posted a video exchange on TikTok showing an old video of a student yelling at Kyle Ferrebee, founder of the Wingate University YAF chapter. According to the Instagram version of the video the student claimed that Kyle should "learn something about not being an entitled white piece of sh*t... because mother f*ckers like you come here and you have no idea what it's like to be gay, to be a person of color, know what it's like to live with institutional racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia." The video included a banner with the words "Leftist Has Mental Breakdown." TikTok removed the video exposing how YAF students are sometimes subjected to hate speech for an alleged Community Guidelines violation of "hate speech," according to screenshots that YAF sent to CensorTrack. Young America's Foundation is a Free Speech Alliance partner.