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TikTok removes Young America's Foundation video featuring Ryan T. Anderson: Young America's Foundation (YAF) posted a video clip of author Ryan T. Anderson calling sex a binary. According to a YouTube version of the clip, he said "[s]ex is determined based on how organisms are organized with respect to sexual reproduction." Anderson later continued, explaining "[t]his is not a spectrum, right. There's not a spectrum between XX and XY, a spectrum between sperm and egg, nor is there a third gamete, right. It's not like there's sperm, egg and the third gamete, nor is there a third genital. So this is neither a spectrum nor is it two of infinite possibilities. So sex is a bodily reality." TikTok removed the video for alleged "hate speech," denied YAF's appeal and suspended the account for 7 days, according to screenshots the organization tweeted. Young America's Foundation is a member of the Free Speech Alliance.