Young Americans for Liberty

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TikTok removes, then allows Young Americans for Liberty video defending Kyle Rittenhouse's attendance at ASU online: Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) posted a video on TikTok discussing the ridiculousness of Arizona State University students who are outraged that Kyle Rittenhouse attends the university online. One of the videos featured on YAL's TikTok account responded to the outrage on ASU's campus saying, "[f]irst of all, he was acquitted. And second of all, he was enrolled as an online student. Therefore, he will never interact with any of these social justice warriors. Therefore, they are trying to deny this young man a college education simply because they disagree with his beliefs and his actions. That is a dangerous precedent to set." Fox News reported and screenshots corroborated that TikTok initially flagged the video for removal because of "hate speech." YAL told Fox News that after an appeal, the video was deleted "twenty minutes later." According to Fox News, YAL claimed that TikTok's only explanation for that removal was that it depicted "illegal activities and regulated goods," which was also corroborated by screenshotsFox News suggested that pictures of Rittenhouse with his gun during the Kenosha riot may have sparked the second accusation. The video or one very similar to the original has been uploaded to YAL's TikTok page.

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