WNY Gardeners

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Facebook flags gardening group that discusses the 'hoe' tool and killing bugs: Facebook flagged posts that used the word "hoe" in a group called WNY Gardeners when users referred to the useful weeding tool, AP News reported. On a post asking users about their favorite weeding tool, a group member responded with he comment "Push pull hoe!" Facebook identified the post as "go[ing] against [its] community standards on harassment and bullying." In a similarly problematic post, the group discussed killing bugs. Elizabeth Licata, one of the group's moderators, claimed that the post was deleted due to "possible violence, incitement, or hate in multiple comments." Licata contacted Facebook and the platform responded, addressing the issue by saying: “We have plans to build out better customer support for our products and to provide the public with even more information about our policies and how we enforce them.”