Vic DeGrammont


Twitter censors user for questioning election integrity: Former Republican candidate for Congress in Florida Vic DeGrammont quote-tweeted Chuck Callesto and got censored for it, according to purported screenshots he shared and his Twitter feed. The Callesto tweet that DeGrammont was sharing read "BREAKING REPORT: According to Clark County - Nevada state law ALLOWS BALLOTS TO COME IN AS LATE AS SATURDAY NOVEMBER 12, as long as they were postmarked on or before Election Day..." According to the screenshot that DeGrammont shared, this tweet may have also been censored, but this could not be confirmed. However, after DeGrammont shared the tweet and added "Wide Spread Voter Fraud" to it, Twitter jumped into action. The tweet has been labeled as "Misleading," and Twitter prevented other users from liking, replying to or sharing the tweet unless they quote-tweet it. According to the purported screenshots shared by DeGrammont, Twitter also locked his account and placed it into a "read-only mode, which means [he] can't Tweet, Retweet, or Like content." The screenshots and DeGrammont's statement indicate that this lasted for 12 hours. The tweet on his feed was still restricted as of the time of publication, but the original Callesto tweet had no similar restrictions.