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WATCH: Tim Pool Blasts Twitter, Says Platform Censored Him for ‘Calling Out Grooming’

Paiten Iselin

Podcast host Tim Pool slammed Twitter, saying the platform censored one of his tweets in which he was “calling out grooming.”

On his daily Timcast IRL livestream, Pool said Twitter locked his account after he called a picture of adults showing sexual content to children “grooming.” According to Pool, Twitter required him to delete the tweet to restore his account.

“Twitter just locked me out of my account lol. I don’t care enough about twitter for the tweet to stay up so whatever,” he said in a tweet thread.

Twitter did not respond to MRC Free Speech America’s request for comment by the time of publication.

After deleting the tweet and regaining access to his account, Pool began sharing articles about pedophilia and Twitter from The Next Web, The Associated Press Daily Dot and Evie Magazine. The Next Web accused Twitter of allowing “pedophiles to publicly discuss their sexual ‘attraction to minors,’” AP News reported that the platform does not place “sex offender notices on profiles” and Evie Magazine reported that “Twitter Is A Breeding Ground For The Normalization of Pedophilia.”

“Twitter actively protects and supports pedophilia,” Pool accused in one tweet. “Twitter allows pedophiles to groom your kids on the platform,” he added in another post. He concluded by saying, “From now on I straight up call them pedophiles.”

The same day Pool launched his verbal attack against Twitter, he announced that the platform prohibited him from advertising. “Hahaha twitter also just told me all my ad runs are canceled,” he said.

In July, Twitter also reportedly banned the use of the term “groomer” as a violation of its “Hateful Conduct policy when it is used as a descriptor, in the context of a discussion of gender identity.”