Tim Pool


Facebook Demonetizes Popular Podcaster Tim Pool over Video of Capitol Riot: Tim Pool, of the popular podcast @Timcast, was in Washington, D.C. on January 6 to report on the protest rally. He shot a video that showed the riot, but did not glorify it or promote it. He was simply reporting on what was happening. He posted this video, as he regularly does all his videos, to his Facebook page with over 340,000 followers. According to a Timcast episode on January 14, Facebook found that this video violated its community standards, though they did not elaborate on which standard was violated or how. Pool explained that he had some prior incidents with Lead Stories, a Facebook partnered "fact checking" site that Pool calls a "fake news organization" that is "hyper-partisan," putting false news labels on stories that he had shared. Pool claimed that because of these past incidents which he called "falsely applied" his latest violation led to Facebook demonetizing his page.