Terrence K. Williams


Twitter censors tweet from conservative comedian and pancake mix purveyor Terrence K. Williams: Terrence K. Williams, a comedian who gained popularity for his pro-Trump content on social media, tweeted a short video about his concerns about the integrity of elections in general. He summarized his feelings in the text of the tweet that accompanied the video, claiming that "THE DEMOCRATS CHEAT," and asserting that the government should "Ban early voting," "Mail in Ballots" and "Ballot Harvesting," and that "ELECTIONS SHOULD BE CALLED ON ELECTION DAY." Twitter placed a "Misleading" label on the tweet, encouraging users to "Learn why election experts say elections in the US are safe and secure," with a link to "Find out more." Additionally, the tweet received a sharing restriction, making it unable to be liked, replied to or shared without quote tweeting. Williams later tweeted another short video discussing the censorship that included a screenshot indicating his account had been locked and stated that he was also restricted from using his account for 12 hours.