Ted Cruz


After @Jack testifies NY Post article no longer blocked, Ted Cruz still unable to tweet it: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and other big tech leaders were in the US Senate testifying once again about censorship. This visit was prompted by a unified effort to silence the NY Post's coverage of the Hunter Biden scandal, beginning with the bombshell article about his ties in Ukraine and continuing with a story about his ties to the Chinese Communist Party. During his testimony, Dorsey stated that the CCP article was no longer being blocked by Twitter. After that testimony, Senator Ted Cruz took to Twitter to test that out, and found that he was still unable to tweet the article, instead receiving a message saying that the link had been found to be potentially harmful, and therefore could not be tweeted. Cruz then tweeted about this situation, finishing by saying, "18 USC 1621 makes it a felony to lie under oath to the Senate." @TwitterComms was quick to respond, tagging Cruz, Dorsey, and @NYPost with this explanation: "People may have had trouble Tweeting in this specific instance because the article shared included an Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) link. Since multiple URLs can redirect to the same article, we fixed this specific use case. You should now have no issues Tweeting this." Cruz has since test-tweeted the link out and it seemed to work.