Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America


TikTok suspends Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, later restores account: A screenshot indicated that popular pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony (SBA) Pro-Life America’s account was suspended on June 24, the same day the Supreme Court of the United States struck down Roe v Wade. SBA Pro-Life America tweeted, “just a coincidence you banned us today, right @tiktok_us?” The organization shared a screenshot with CensorTrack showing its inability to log into its TikTok account. An error message said, “Your account was currently suspended.” SBA Pro-Life America told CensorTrack that it posted a video celebrating the overturning of Roe v Wade the morning of the suspension. “When we went in a little later to post new content, our account was simply gone,” SBA Pro-Life America said, “Zero communications from TikTok. Just blocked from even logging in.” After CensorTrack inquired about the suspension, the SBA ProLife America account was restored. TikTok did not inform CensorTrack why the account was originally suspended. “The account was restored within a few minutes and is live on platform [sic],” the platform said.