Students for Life of America


TikTok banned MRC Free Speech Alliance member Students for Life of America: Students for Life of America reported April 25 that it "was banned from TikTok for 'multiple Community Guideline violations' according to the short-form video application. More than 35,000 followers were stripped away from SFLA when the app blocked account managers from appealing the futile ban."  The organization noted that the last video that it posted prior to the ban was of SFLA President Kristan Hawkins debating a student on abortion during a college campus stop on her tour entitled The Future is Anti-AbortionAccording to SFLA, the video "was going viral across many social media platforms with nearly 2.2 million views on YouTube and counting. Out of all the social media platforms the clip was published on, TikTok was the only one to deem it a violation. 

In a statement shared with MRC Free Speech America, SFLA called on TikTok to reverse the ban and blasted the platform for its censorship actions:

"Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins called on Tik Tok to open the process for getting pro-life speech back on the heavily abortion content-oriented app and condemned the social media platform for censoring pro-life speech by banning SFLA’s account on April 25th, 2022, for 'violating Community Guideline standards' without notice or opportunity for appeal."

Activity on the SFLA TikTok account suggests that the platform later reversed its ban against the pro-life group.

Students for Life of America is also a member of the Media Research Center's Free Speech Alliance, a conservative coalition of over 90 organizations dedicated to protecting freedom of speech online:

"The Free Speech Alliance protects the free speech of conservatives online. We fight for transparency on social media and demand equal footing for conservatives on Twitter, Facebook, Google and the other platforms. We defend the incredible and revolutionary ideal of free speech in which American democracy is rooted."


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